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Trendering protocol

The Trendering protocol runs on two tokens:
TRND & xTRND. To join the Trendering protocol you need 13 TRND. It is your key. To operate within the Trendering protocol, you need xTRND. It is your fuel.

The Trendering Dapp uses realtime Ethereum blockchain analysis to detect market movements of new ERC20 tokens & more!

The Trendering Private telegram group supports a limited community of daily crypto traders that share knowledge and leverage signals from the Dapp.

Trendering Stakers secure the TRND token ecosystems by actively providing liquidity to the TRND-ETH uniswap pool and receiving xTRND as a reward.

The Trendering DAO operates the protocol using xTRND as the fuel to submit proposals and cast votes.

The final TRND token supply is 113,000 tokens. The minting function has been disabled.

The final xTRND token supply is 1,300,000 coins, almost all of which were distributed through staking & farming. Minting is disabled.

To enter the Dapp you must hold a minimum of 13 TRND or 13 DAI-TRND UniV2 or 1.13 TRND-ETH UniV2.

To join the Trendering Private telegram you need to use the invite link visible in the Dapp and satisfy the constantly increasing token requirement.

To join the LGE you need to provide liquidity to the Trendering DAI pools on Uniswap V2.

To use the DAO and some parts of the Dapp you need to have xTRND.

Official Trendering pools:
DAI-TRND on Uniswap V2
TRND-ETH on Uniswap V2

DAI-xTRND on Uniswap V2
xTRND-ETH on Uniswap V2


Uniswap Monitoring

The Trendering Uniswap Monitor inspects the uniswap DEX contracts directly on the Ethereum blockchain in realtime, and lists new tokens within seconds of appearance, providing additional info:

1. Is the pool still active or was liquidity pulled (rugged)?
2. Is the token from an ERC20 generator?
3. Is the contract code available and what is its header?
4. How many token holders existed at pool inception?
5. What was the pool size compared to total supply?
6. What was the initial price?

Trendering can detect new tokens the moment they are added to Uniswap, analyse their contracts to detects scam indicators. and monitor pool activity to detect rug-pulls.

Read more about Uniswap Monitoring

Mainnet Monitoring

The Trendering Mainnet Monitor inspects the contracts verified by Etherscan directly on Ethereum blockchain in realtime, and lists new tokens within seconds of appearance, providing additional info:

1. Is the token from an ERC20 generator?
2. Is the contract code available and what is its header?
3. How many token holders existed when the token was verified?
4. What is the total supply?

Trendering can detect new tokens the moment the contracts are verified and analyse contracts to detects scam indicators.

Read more about Mainnet Monitoring

Staking & Farming

With Incentivized Liquidity Mining (ILM), Trendering provides a rewards liquidity pool where participants can stake ETH & TRND to receive weekly xTRND rewards as airdrops. You can follow your progress on the public Staking Leaderboard.

Moreover, Trendering blockchain analysis can be put to good use with additional capital. To create this capital vehicle, Trendering soon will open a private Investment Liquidity Pool (ILP) where participants stake DAI/TRND or DAI/xTRND under the management of the Automated Investment Maker (AIM).

Automated Investment Maker

Trendering can go on the autopilot with a proxy contract, using realtime analysis to execute investment decisions directly on the blockchain.

Autopilot will be guided using simple strategy rules, or you can join the private Investment Liquidity Pool (ILP) by staking DAI/TRND or DAI/xTRND and benefit from the AIM activity.

With the launch of public ILPs (Vaults), your TRND & xTRND will entitle you to receive dividends on excess profits.

The stealth trial run of the AIM ILP predicts weekly gains at 60-120%, but of course past performance cannot be a guarantee of future results. The AIM is in development and will be launching soon.

Read more about AIM

Trendering Private telegram

The Trendering Private telegram group is a place for free and open discussion about the crypto market opportunities, with heavy focus on new Uniswap listings, leveraging the info provided by the Trendeing Dapp, where you will also find the link to this group.

With a fixed limit of 300 members, it is a restricted, limited group of TRND holders who prioritise quality over quantity.

The Trendering Private telegram IS NOT a dedicated shilling group or a gemhunting group. Trendering Private group does not support sponsored promotions, heavy shilling, paid incentives, scammy airdrops, etc. That said, always DYOR!


The Trendering DAO invites TRND & xTRND holders to participate in the protocol governance by submitting Trendering Improvement Proposals (TIP), commenting and voting on TIPs, and controlling the future of the Trendering protocol.

Read more about the DAO

About me

My name is C.
(telegram) (twitter) (email)

I am a fan of automation, data analysis and Ethereum. I have been working on Trendering for some time. I have seen many things: coin scams as they happened live, pump-dump schemes from coordinated addresses, whales moving markets…

I will never reveal my identity. If you have a problem with that then well… it’s not my problem. I give you Trendering to level the odds. It’s your choice whether to use it.