DAIO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Investment Organisation. This specific DAO is controlled by the aimDAI holders. Acronym puns intended. Join AIM DAIO on Snapshot »

Long story short, AIM did not go according to plan at all. Instead it went to zero. In the hopes that our club is full of smart people, I propose an initial vote to establish if the majority of aimDAI holders agrees with that.

Proposal 001 is live on Snapshot and voting is open for 3 days starting now »

Apart from the 1.1 ETH pledged by Trendering as the initial capital injection, any other donations are welcome. It is time to get ready for another summer. The breakeven goal is set at $222,000. We casually need a 100x, we instinctively want a 1000x.

A new chapter begins, but where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

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