Alpha Shit

This post is offensive. If you’re a snowflake, you definitely should read it.

So alpha. Alpha calls, alpha males. Alpha shit is the essence of shit coining, right? Yet almost noone understands what it means.

The pleb fall for the cheap alpha, the Tate of fake flex. The “Oh look at me and my cojones.” Yet you have none.

You know who has? Warren Buffet. He’s the real alpha male. Why the fck would he fck a different girl every night. He’s the real alpha and found his alpha female long ago, and was married to her for 52 years like an ultra-precious treasure she was. May she rest in peace.

Meanwhile Andrew fcks some gamma cunts thinking he’s the alpha. And needs to remind everyone every hour on twitter. Cause he’s so alpha that the rest of the world forgets about it in 60 minutes. While Mr Buffet says nothing, eats breakfasts at McDonald’s, makes billions legally, and without flexing once is the unquestionable alpha among the investing community.

Be a man, find a queen, start a family, get a dog, build a house, plant a tree, take care of all of this like your life depended on it (cause it does). Don’t call yourself a king. Act like one.

And don’t follow self-proclaimed leech kings into battle. Only clowns do.

Real men follow true kings to fight for what is right.

This applies to both life and crypto. Salut! 🫡

PS. Maybe next month we see what happens to TRND. Maybe sooner 😉

PPS. Technically, Buffet separated with his first wife in ’77 and lived with his companion and later second wife, but they all seemed to have an emotional triangle through the years. He found two alphas, it seems. No wonder he’s the man.

Macro update

Short term the war in Ukraine is heading towards a cease fire or peace talks. Long term we will get another major conflict started sometime in 2026-27. If Nostradamus is not just some crazy rando, then expect an interesting game played out in 2027. Sure, China can try invading Taiwan but what if the USA/UK pushes India to make a larger fuss around Kashmir and Tibet, and Uygurs?

The social media land is set, everyone knows the Tibetans are oppressed, the little Lama is imprisoned and the religious Uygurs are sent to camps and forced into slave labour.

Ok, but then China can trigger Pakistan to do its own fuss too on the other side of India.

All the while Russia simply goes at Ukraine again.

Hello, World War.

Meanwhile coming back to short term, Gary’s SEC is showing some fake muscles and trying to make a stand against crypto. Well we may dump a bit but in the long term the whole crypto industry is as unstoppable now as the internet was during the Dot Com bubble burst. Sure, some major players died, but the system continued.

What Gary seems to be aiming at is a hail mary to catch the last chance at hurting crypto enough so it becomes irrelevant. And Gary is the hero that saves the dollar. Unfortunately for him, it’s already too late for that.

The curious Chinese opening towards crypto in recent months may signal an interesting play the Party is doing. They blocked their citizens from getting rekt at the 2021 ATH, but are opening now, when it’s the last call to hop on the train to the next ATH.

And while crypto cannot compete among the institutional investors, dominated by boomers and the dollar, it for sure can compete among the retail investors. And if recent years are any proof, social media consists 100% of retail and if you skew their opinion towards something (like, I dunno, that America is shit and the dollar is worthless) then it really takes over the mindset of the global society. And the market follows.

Thus I think China could target the hegemony of the dollar not in the actual sense, but in the sense of perception. And perception is everything.

Therefore, brace yourselves. Crypto may win, and win hard. But we may die hard along the way. Valhalla awaits!

PS. F*ck the SEC.

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