1. Higher Frequency of Trading for AIM. So far, it is up 100% in the last 3 weeks, but margin growth is limited by the slippage of the leveraged trading platform. Therefore, we need to increase the frequency of wins. (
  2. Restore New Tokens & Pools Uniswap Monitor. Ethereum gas is cheap, summer may return. (
  3. Deploy the 3T Dapp with Gamified Prediction Markets. (
  4. Deploy live Ethereum price tracker with a narrow price prediction model. The goal is to visualise AIM backend and show the prediction of the price momentum for the next 5 minutes into the future. (
  5. Deploy an ETH and stablecoins yield farming optimiser based on Compound. (
  6. Deploy to Ethereum mainnet a twitter-like communication platform, codename “Morpheus”.
  7. Deploy a swap contract for TRND & xTRND to obtain vTRND. (
  8. Deploy a DAO space on Snapshot to vote with vTRND.
  9. Make sure TRND can work immutably and autonomously without C. Have some rest.

Did I miss something? These tasks are intentionally without timeframes or deadlines. We all know these are pointless. In the end, this is all for fun & profit, right?


DAIO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Investment Organisation. This specific DAO is controlled by the aimDAI holders. Acronym puns intended. Join AIM DAIO on Snapshot »

Long story short, AIM did not go according to plan at all. Instead it went to zero. In the hopes that our club is full of smart people, I propose an initial vote to establish if the majority of aimDAI holders agrees with that.

Proposal 001 is live on Snapshot and voting is open for 3 days starting now »

Apart from the 1.1 ETH pledged by Trendering as the initial capital injection, any other donations are welcome. It is time to get ready for another summer. The breakeven goal is set at $222,000. We casually need a 100x, we instinctively want a 1000x.

A new chapter begins, but where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

Bitcoin is *not* currency, stablecoins are

There are many narratives around crypto and its various assets. You have to know by now that most are bullshit made to acquire exit liquidity. If you do not know by now, you are the exit liquidity most of the times. So what is crypto, really?

Bitcoin is not a currency. It is the digital gold. Its price varies by a lot, but overall it is a good store of value long-term. It is scarce but has no real transactional utility. Buy low, sell high, buy low again and keep it safe on a piece of paper. Use to invest in the rest. Litecoin is digital silver.

Ethereum is either crude oil or gas, pick your favourite. It runs things and gets burned. Its price varies by a lot but at least it has strong transactional utility. It is not scarce, but sometimes it is deflationary. Alt L1s like Solana or Fantom seem to be biogas or something. They have no future. Await an alt L1 that seems like solar or atomic energy (some say Cardano, some say Stacks – but beware of fortune tellers and DYOR!).

Altcoins are stonks. Shitcoins are penny stonks. Watch the Wolf of Wall Street. Act accordingly. Your shitcoin has utility? Then its price should not change. Congrats, you created a stablecoin.

Stablecoins are currency. You can buy things with them as the price is fairly stable. They all claim to be pegged to the dollar but in truth they are not. Instead, they are like the constellation of fiat currencies – some are like the bolivar, the ruble or the turkish lira and can depeg hard (hey terra). Some are like the dollar or euro (usdc, dai) and are pegged like a rock. DYOR! A stablecoin may claim to be worth $1 but that is just someone’s opinion. Look for the facts.

Any marvellous narrative beyond what I wrote is bullshit. Use it to pump your shitcoin but do not delude yourselves into believing any of it. Cut your losses fast and DCA the dips. Leverage with caution. Keep your funds safe. Own your keys. Fiat when necessary. Do not marry your hodls. Do not hold on dear life.

Arm yourselve because no one else here will save you. The odds will betray you.

Crypto is not a safe place. It is a piranha club.

Short Dev Update.13

Side      Entry   Exit     Size   Lev P/L
↓ ETH-USD 2802.12 2809.661 ETH 30 30× -0.080782 (-8.08%)
↓ ETH-USD 2950.13 2850.842 ETH 30 15× +1.01 (+50.49%)
↓ ETH-USD 2600.04 2599.442 ETH 30 15× +0.006962 (+0.35%)
↓ ETH-USD 2586.95 2593.723 ETH 90 30× -0.2356 (-7.85%)
↓ ETH-USD 2610.33 2613.752 ETH 60 30× -0.078429 (-3.92%)
↓ ETH-USD 2614.07 2618.424 ETH 120.00 30× -0.1998 (-4.99%)
↓ ETH-USD 2625.93 2629.494 ETH 120.00 30× -0.1626 (-4.06%)
↓ ETH-USD 2599.80 2603.003 ETH 120.00 40× -0.1476 (-4.92%)
↓ ETH-USD 2588.99 2576.254 ETH 120.00 30× +0.5902 (+14.76%)
↓ ETH-USD 2758.27 2741.772 ETH 60 30× +0.359 (+17.95%)
↓ ETH-USD 2763.45 2760.623 ETH 90 30× +0.092199 (+3.07%)
↓ ETH-USD 2785.55 2770.333 ETH 90 30× +0.4916 (+16.39%)
↓ ETH-USD 2788.30 2753.021 ETH 30 30× +0.3795 (+37.95%)
↓ ETH-USD 2814.31 2819.621 ETH 30 30× -0.056595 (-5.66%)

AIM leveraged shorts. Initial capital 4 ETH. 6 days. 0.96 loss. 2.91 profit. Net +1.95 ETH (+49%).

Seems this is where AIM shines. Scalability depends on the platform. The one currently in use falls into price slippage beyond 120 ETH positions, which means it should be good for a while until AIM builds up more margin capital. This strategy is platform and market agnostic. And clearly prefers the bears. I am working on making it feel the bulls as well.

To commemorate this good stint, I opened a 6-day bidding war for a special 1/1 NFTrendering of the infamous honey pot, the G O L D E N 1 that grants access to the TRND Private Club just like the other two NFTs from that collection (H Y P E D 1 and F O R T U N E 1).

Why are we even here? Dev Update.12

Why are we even here? To make money.

We meet people and change the world along the way. But mostly, we make money. We park it in assets, collaterise them and borrow against them to buy things.

But they say there are some things money cannot buy. Different people would list different things, and most of the time they would be wrong anyway. Almost everything can be purchased, believe me. Except one thing. The only common denominator of true love, true friends and true family – trust.

Impermanent Loss is good for you

There is a widely popular article about the Impermanent Loss by Bancor that is usually shared on Telegram when someone asks why his tokens are disappearing after they pooled it on Uniswap. The top claim of Bancor’s article is that “users who provide liquidity to AMMs can see their staked tokens lose value compared to simply holding the tokens on their own.” This is one of the most repeated claims in DeFi. But it is also inaccurate.