xTRND, DAO, GitHub: Dev Update.05

Today, I am introducing Trendering DAO Governance to the dapp, explaining how xTRND will fuel the DAO and sharing development updates.

Trendering is progressing. Apparently it has been in the CoinGecko top trending searches for the last 24 hours! The community is growing, and the Trendering Private 13 telegram group is on fire. Many members report attractive gains, but at the same time the discussion is getting intense as more new people join in.

The Trendering DAO introduced today will make its first Trendering Improvement Proposal (TIP) exactly about that. To see the Governance tab and join the discussion, simply go to the dapp.

Mainnet Monitoring: Dev Update.04

Today, I am introducing Mainnet Monitoring to the dapp, as well as some minor tweaks.

Mainnet Monitoring is important, because it will help you discover new tokens almost immediately after they are created on the blockchain and their contracts are verified via Etherscan. You will be able to find new investment opportunities before they hit any DEX.

New tokens with unverified contracts are not reported until verification. Without the source code of the smart contract there is no way to tell if the token is safe at all. About half of DEX scams come from tokens with unverified contracts, so…

Stake TRND & Farm xTRND: Dev Update.02

Short version

  1. Stake your TRND: go to ETH-TRND Uniswap pool, click “Add Liquidity” and follow instructions. You will receive some amount of Uniswap V2: TRND tokens in return. That is your stake.
  2. Farm xTRND: hold Uniswap V2: TRND. For every hour an address holds Uniswap V2: TRND it will accumulate:
    • basic reward: 0.1 xTRND
    • bonus reward:
      (Your Pool Stake %) * (Number of Pool Participants) xTRND
  3. Claim xTRND: you can track your xTRND accumulation on the Staking Leaderboard. Once a week you will receive xTRND via airdrop directly into your address that held Uniswap V2: TRND tokens in that period.
  4. Questions? Read the long version first.

Dev Update.01

TRND opened on Monday at Uniswap ETH-TRND pool. I burned my Uniswap V2 pool liquidity tokens, meaning I cannot pull the pool liquidity out on you.

I destroyed 9,887,000 TRND tokens by executing “finishMinting” on TRND contract to forever limit the total supply to 113,000 TRND tokens: 100,000 distributed via Uniswap without presale, 13,000 in my wallet, unlocked. Don’t expect me to lock them or freeze them. If you want to see this thing developed I need to move them around and test things.

The Telegram group grew from 1 to 368 members, keeps growing, and they are all great to chat with. TRND has just been listed on CoinMarketCap!

I won’t even write about the price. If you saw it, you saw it. Development is ongoing. Today I share the prototype screenshots of the Monitoring tab.