Stake TRND & Farm xTRND: Dev Update.02

Short version

  1. Stake your TRND: go to ETH-TRND Uniswap pool, click “Add Liquidity” and follow instructions. You will receive some amount of Uniswap V2: TRND tokens in return. That is your stake.
  2. Farm xTRND: hold Uniswap V2: TRND. For every hour an address holds Uniswap V2: TRND it will accumulate:
    • basic reward: 0.1 xTRND
    • bonus reward:
      (Your Pool Stake %) * (Number of Pool Participants) xTRND
  3. Claim xTRND: you can track your xTRND accumulation on the Staking Leaderboard. Once a week you will receive xTRND via airdrop directly into your address that held Uniswap V2: TRND tokens in that period.
  4. Questions? Read the long version first.

Dev Update.01

TRND opened on Monday at Uniswap ETH-TRND pool. I burned my Uniswap V2 pool liquidity tokens, meaning I cannot pull the pool liquidity out on you.

I destroyed 9,887,000 TRND tokens by executing “finishMinting” on TRND contract to forever limit the total supply to 113,000 TRND tokens: 100,000 distributed via Uniswap without presale, 13,000 in my wallet, unlocked. Don’t expect me to lock them or freeze them. If you want to see this thing developed I need to move them around and test things.

The Telegram group grew from 1 to 368 members, keeps growing, and they are all great to chat with. TRND has just been listed on CoinMarketCap!

I won’t even write about the price. If you saw it, you saw it. Development is ongoing. Today I share the prototype screenshots of the Monitoring tab.