Dev Update.11

What is dead may never die. But can resurrect. Here is how it is going to be. The new Trendering will reside on three pillars:, and

This page will be the hub and the blog. Starting 22.02.2022 I want to commit to releasing something every week. If you remember the beginnings, Trendering Fridays were *the* days.

Sometimes these will be small things, like a post, an NFT, an airdrop etc. Sometimes it will be a milestone release. But it will be something.

Trendering will be more true to its name. I will focus on rendering trends. Hunting shitcoins on Ethereum is no longer sensible as almost all new rando pools are rugs, and real stuff is either airdropped, privately sold or auctioned on copper.

To be frank, I do not think hunting shitcoins is sensible on sidechains and altchains either. The ways of deploying new tokens have much changed since the defi summer of 2020.

AIM will continue to work. It will focus on leveraged ETH shorts/longs.

TRND will have a DAO and user generated content. More on that in the next post.

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