Dev Update.01

TRND opened on Monday at Uniswap ETH-TRND pool. I burned my Uniswap V2 pool liquidity tokens, meaning I cannot pull the pool liquidity out on you.

I destroyed 9,887,000 TRND tokens by executing “finishMinting” on TRND contract to forever limit the total supply to 113,000 TRND tokens: 100,000 distributed via Uniswap without presale, 13,000 in my wallet, unlocked. Don’t expect me to lock them or freeze them. If you want to see this thing developed I need to move them around and test things.

The Telegram group grew from 1 to 368 members, keeps growing, and they are all great to chat with. TRND has just been listed on CoinMarketCap!

I won’t even write about the price. If you saw it, you saw it. Development is ongoing. Today I share the prototype screenshots of the Monitoring tab.

Mainnet monitoring

The first area of interest is with monitoring new token contracts on the Ethereum mainnet. Often these contracts contain clues of project origins. You can find gems long before anyone else and prepare yourself when they hit a DEX.

Mainnet Monitoring

DEX monitoring

Once the gem hits the DEX, there is a lot of shady activity especially in the beginning. Here Trendering will list transactions and alert you about dumping bots, whale movements and other issues, in realtime.

DEX Token Monitoring

All the analysis rely on raw Ethereum blockchain data, so we are not limited or impacted by provider issues (like Uniswap or Etherscan slowdowns or shutdowns). We are also not limited to a single DEX! We can track token activity among all pools, and apply filters to, for example, just watch the Uniswap stream.

Further down the line, imagine realtime analysis &automation of all this data…

Investing & Staking

Several people asked me how are we going to enable staking if TRND supply is capped and all is in the pool. For one, this doesn’t seem like an issue. YFI had very limited supply and was farmed hard. Staking TRND can come from dev reserve or from market buyback. But staking can also be implemented in a similar fashion to Kyber: stake TRND, get ETH rewards. I am most excited to deploy the capital vehicle that actually creates gains for participants. The coin you gain doesn’t matter as long as it has value that gives you profit, right? But it’s too early for that now.

This update is short and to the point. Expect more things to come.

About me

My name is C.
(telegram) (twitter) (email)

I am a fan of automation, data analysis and Ethereum. I have been working on Trendering for some time. I have seen many things: coin scams as they happened live, pump-dump schemes from coordinated addresses, whales moving markets…

I will never reveal my identity. If you have a problem with that then well… it’s not my problem. I give you Trendering to level the odds. It’s your choice whether to use it.

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