xTRND, DAO, GitHub: Dev Update.05

Today, I am introducing Trendering DAO Governance to the dapp, explaining how xTRND will fuel the DAO and sharing development updates.

Trendering is progressing. Apparently it has been in the CoinGecko top trending searches for the last 24 hours! The community is growing, and the Trendering Private 13 telegram group is on fire. Many members report attractive gains, but at the same time the discussion is getting intense as more new people join in.

The Trendering DAO introduced today will make its first Trendering Improvement Proposal (TIP) exactly about that. To see the Governance tab and join the discussion, simply go to the dapp.

Trendering DAO governance dashboard

What is xTRND ?

Many have been asking, what is xTRND? I have always said, it is the fuel that drives Trendering. While 13 TRND is your key, xTRND is your gasoline. Therefore, xTRND will be an integral part of Trendering DAO, as well as the upcoming Trendering AIM (Automated Investment Maker).

To submit a Trendering Improvement Proposal, you will need to interact with a contract and pay xTRND. The amount paid will most likely be equal to the staking hourly reward rate at the time of submitting the proposal (777 xTRND at the time I am writing this).

To vote on a TIP, the mechanism I most prefer is a “gun fight”. Two contracts, VOTE YES and VOTE NO, with a 24 hour opening accept xTRND. The contract with more xTRND at the end of the 24 hour period wins.

All xTRND spent on DAO contracts go back to the staking pool.

Development updates

We now have a GitHub organisation. It contains two repositories, first is the “dapp” development stub which can be used to help improve the UI/UX of the dapp. Pull requests welcome!

The other repository, “contracts”, is empty but will hold the upcoming Trendering contract source codes: DAO, Tokens and Timelocks. The timelock contracts is something I am working on and want to share soon. Essentially, they will have almost everything predefined within the contract, meaning if a project locks their liquidity with the timelock, you have a standardised guarantee of a safe lock.

The dapp also had some minor improvements like the detection of tokens created by free generators, and I did a server migration. Expect more things to come.

About me

My name is C.
(telegram) (twitter) (email)

I am a fan of automation, data analysis and Ethereum. I have been working on Trendering for some time. I have seen many things: coin scams as they happened live, pump-dump schemes from coordinated addresses, whales moving markets…

I will never reveal my identity. If you have a problem with that then well… it’s not my problem. I give you Trendering to level the odds. It’s your choice whether to use it.

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