Dapp v2: Dev Update.06

Backend development is boring to put into words, so I have been working on a demo Dapp v2 to at least a bit visualise what is happening and what are my plans. Today, I want to share with you some parts of the demo. Later, it will be available to actually roam around yourself.


The new Control dashboard will be an important part of the Dapp. Here, you will be able to see how much fuel (xTRND) you have left in your Fuel Depo, and deposit more xTRND to be used inside the Dapp. The idea is to use an L2 solution like zkSync to make spending fuel fast and gas-less. Also, all deposited xTRND would go back straight to the staking rewards pool.


The Governance section will have an area to submit and discuss drafts. Since each Trendering Improvement Proposal submission requires a substantial xTRND payment (it most likely will start with 1,000 xTRND and be adjustable by the DAO itself), there needs to be a place to freely publish and discuss draft proposals.


Probably the biggest change in the Dapp v2 will happen with the Monitoring section. I want it to be more agnostic and better organised. For one, instead of the simple Mainnet monitoring of latest verified tokens, I want to have a global monitor of all interesting tokens. These will be divided into Trending (selected based on your upvotes and downvotes!), Moving (selected based on price volatility) and New (the latest verified tokens).

Whenever there will be a token mentioned in the Dapp, you will be able to upvote or downvote it, or change your vote. You can vote once per token, and each vote will consume 1 xTRND, adjustable if we see spam or abuse.

Additionally, each token will have a its own comments area, and you will be able to open a trading view and select which pools to trade on. The trading view will have a few key features I am excited about: “Buy & Approve”, “Sell Your Initial”, and a price chart visualising each trade.

Once I introduce a token contract template and a smart timelock contract that can hold any ERC20 token for a fixed and known period of time (30, 90 and 180 days), the Dapp will be able to automatically give a “Verified” badge to the tokens that satisfy Trendering conditions.


I want to expand the Uniswap monitoring to track not only new Token-ETH pools, but any new pool on Uniswap (and other DEXes). Additionally, I want to have a similar categorisation: Trending Pools (based on your votes), Moving Pools (based on fees, liquidity and volume volatility) and New Pools. The pools will also link to the trading view mentioned earlier.

And as you probably can see, all these little parts are feeding back to the AIM. I wonder where we end up with all of this, but expect more things to come.

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