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A little backstory first. I have been observing crypto since the beginning, but I am a conservative. I have put small amounts of capital into it around the end of 2016. I caught the Bitcoin train till the peak of 2017 EOY. I made mistakes along the way. I could have tripled my capital with LTC, but I sold at $89 while two weeks later it was above $300. At least Charlie sold.

Still, I made my first whole Bitcoin with LTC. I managed to get in at 0.0069 and get out at 0.018. I continue to have that one Bitcoin in a wallet somewhere, because I am sentimental like that. And most likely a maximalist.

Throughout the years I have been mainly developing algos that work with CEXes. Conservative strategies that keep their cool but thrive in the bull market. When I was about to exit XRP, I first put it through my bot routine, increasing the XRP stack by 100% in less than two weeks. Of course, my XRP position was nowhere profitable overall, because this token is the very definition of a shitcoin, but still the outcome was less painful than could have been.

Then came the DEX/DeFi craze. I was hoping to flip my LTC for BTC again (you can see I am fond of LTC) but as that seemed unlikely, four months ago I converted all my LTC into ETH, worth a bit less than four new iPhones. I have put it into a stealth trial run of AIM. Through many weird blockchain operations that stack is now worth Lambos. The lack of updates recently is mainly due to me getting lost in AIM.

The main problem is scalability, meaning how to make it work for all of you together and at once. My end goal with AIM is a conservative black box that protects your capital, makes little money in the bear, big money in the bull and interesting money in the blockchain opportunities.

Watch “The Big Short” if you have not yet. Christian Bale has found and exploited a market opportunity. AIM can find and exploit blockchain opportunities. I like to say that “Knowledge is power” while I listen to “POWER” by Kanye West. Am I a white nerd who likes rap and anime? Lets do a proper AMA some day.

Blockchain is just getting started, so do not worry about missed opportunities. More will come so start looking for them now before anyone else. And expect more things to come from me.

PS. Take a look at Blockstack. Will the next big thing be DeFi on Bitcoin? Or will it be *the* thing?

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  1. Kleber

    Hi C,
    I am moved by reading your humble beginnings in Crypto Investing. As, I also started my path of discovering Crypto around September 2017. I made good money, but I did not sell at the top of the bull run, so I have been painfully waiting for the new bull run.
    I have learnt a lot and it did cost me a good investment that I have not fully recovered yet . But I have no doubt that I will recover my investments and make much more in years to come.
    As for the AIM you are building. Please take your time and build with all the specs you have envisioned. It is better to have a good product that you will be proud of, and your followers will be thankful to have a quality product.

    I invested in your project when TRND was around $15. I bought 100 and added to the WETH-TRND staking pool. I am in the negative in my profits, but by reading your vision for this project I am still going to transfer my funds to the new pools you have created. DAI-TRND and DAI-xTRND.

    Life is about finding a passion and finding happiness in what you do…..I am positive that you have found yours and never give up until you have accomplished it.
    I am a computer science teacher and I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge.
    I am happy to see my students progress and one or two get into the wonderful world of computing programming.

    1. C Post author

      Hi Kleber,

      Thank you for your kind words and your support of the Trendering protocol with liquidity. Despite the price being awful at the moment, the road does not end here. However, sometimes cutting some of your losses and reinvesting might be a good strategy as well. Especially in the very opportunistic crypto market of the last few months. I wish you all the best.

  2. E

    Hey C,

    Great work. Your vision for the AIM is inspiring. Like yourself, I’m a fan of automation and machine learning. Will the AIM be released as a MVP with pooled users ? or will it be available to individual users. The scalabilities of this seem extremely challenging.

  3. K

    Hello C!
    Noob question about scaling-kind issues. Why doesnt do the same thing, what happend with the starting of TRND? As you have write one of the first posts: “As expected, a bot jumped into the pool the very same second it was created. With 0.26 ETH it purchased 16% of supply.”
    Im not a trader/farmer guy, so it may be a pretty stupid question, but actually need scaling, if you have new pools almost every hour? Jump into with a small amount, and the gainz will cover the losses. Okay, now is not august, not so frenzy defi-fever, but still.

    1. C Post author

      Most of the new pools back then and even more now are scams. You would simply burn money. You want to jump into legitimate pools with upside traction. Detecting them is tricky.


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