Plan C! Dev Update.14

Hello world! So I’ve been devising something I call Plan C. This of course implies that Plan A (AIM) and B (ReBoot) failed, if it wasn’t already evident. All these plans were good puns but hopefully Plan C will work. Three times a charm, right?

So, Plan C is not limited to, but involves deploying stuff on Arbitrum. Because fees are low and transactions are fast, I want to use Arbitrum to deploy the TRND/xTRND betting prediction market there. But there’s no TRND/xTRND on Arbitrum, you ask?

Well, let’s bring it there. And since bridges are hopeless, I’ll give you something better. I just took a snapshot of all TRND/xTRND/AIMDAI holders and LPs. I will take another snapshot in about eight weeks (exact time & date TBA later). And then I’ll double your stack!

Meaning, I’ll take the average from both snapshots, and I’ll airdrop TRND and xTRND straight to you on Arbitrum. You will need it for the future features of Trendering coming to Arbitrum.

The airdrop mechanics are as follows:

  • TRND and xTRND mainnet token holders receive the same amount on Arbitrum
  • LPs receive the same amount of TRND and xTRND on Arbitrum as their LP positions hold on the mainnet
  • AIMDAI token holders receive the same amount of xTRND on Arbitrum as they hold AIMDAI on the mainnet
  • AIMDAI token holders and LPs share all the remaining TRND and xTRND that cannot be attributed to anyone (like from burned LP tokens etc.)

I plan to set up a simple UI to monitor your rewards. I’ll gradually reveal the rest of Plan C as my work continues and I have things to show for. Godspeed!

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