1. Higher Frequency of Trading for AIM. So far, it is up 100% in the last 3 weeks, but margin growth is limited by the slippage of the leveraged trading platform. Therefore, we need to increase the frequency of wins. (
  2. Restore New Tokens & Pools Uniswap Monitor. Ethereum gas is cheap, summer may return. (
  3. Deploy the 3T Dapp with Gamified Prediction Markets. (
  4. Deploy live Ethereum price tracker with a narrow price prediction model. The goal is to visualise AIM backend and show the prediction of the price momentum for the next 5 minutes into the future. (
  5. Deploy an ETH and stablecoins yield farming optimiser based on Compound. (
  6. Deploy to Ethereum mainnet a twitter-like communication platform, codename “Morpheus”.
  7. Deploy a swap contract for TRND & xTRND to obtain vTRND. (
  8. Deploy a DAO space on Snapshot to vote with vTRND.
  9. Make sure TRND can work immutably and autonomously without C. Have some rest.

Did I miss something? These tasks are intentionally without timeframes or deadlines. We all know these are pointless. In the end, this is all for fun & profit, right?

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