Staking & Farming Update

What’s beyond the 1,000,000 xTRND supply? It’s your call.

According to the Staking Leaderboard, the TRND staking & xTRND farming has almost reached the 1,000,000 currently minted supply. I personally did not wish for it to be capped at this point, but I know some of you want that. While the Trendering DAO is being established, in the meantime I propose we all decide with our wallets. What does it mean?

If you wish to have more xTRND minted, continue staking & farming. If you wish otherwise, unstake and reduce the xTRND farming rate. For every new xTRND airdrop beyond the 1,000,000 supply, the appropriate amount of xTRND will be minted.

This is a temporary state, as the Trendering DAO should be fully functional in about 10 days. Any related vote can happen then. I think this is also a good opportunity for the smaller players to get some xTRND before the inevitable minting cap, Dapp v2 and xTRND becoming essential to use the Dapp’s full potential.

8 thoughts on “Staking & Farming Update

    1. CC Post author

      I wanted a more equal distribution. With about 400k farmed during the period beyond this post, with several big farmers withholding, the rewards went to the smaller players as well. I might say I am satisfied.

  1. AvatarK

    Hey guys!
    My xTRND airdrop didnt arrived, but more weeks gone already. There is a hidden Claim button somewhere? It should be automatic, or doesnt?


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