Why are we even here? Dev Update.12

Why are we even here? To make money.

We meet people and change the world along the way. But mostly, we make money. We park it in assets, collaterise them and borrow against them to buy things.

But they say there are some things money cannot buy. Different people would list different things, and most of the time they would be wrong anyway. Almost everything can be purchased, believe me. Except one thing. The only common denominator of true love, true friends and true family – trust.

Trust is one thing hard to earn, easy to lose and impossible to purchase. In fact, the very act of buying trust makes the person you buy untrustworthy.

Why trust matters? Let’s stay focused on crypto and making money. There are many ways to make money on crypto, but the best way (with least effort & capital along the way) is by getting in early/low into winning projects and get out on ATHs. But how do we know what is a rug, a scam, and a gem? What will pump and what will dump? No analytics can tell you that if the project is brand new. There just is no data. Most of the times we put our trust into someone shilling it.

Let’s tokenise trust then!

Crypto is built on shilling. In fact, it holds this $3T market like Atlas holding the sky. Imagine what would happen if all the shilling stopped.

However, shilling has problematic incentives. It is riddled with scammers, spammers, “influencers”, early investors and bag dumpers. Basically, almost all shills are ways to create exit liquidity out of you.

That is where TRND.club comes in. Previously known as the Trendering Private telegram group, it is a place to discuss and shill one another. We had many amazing altruistic shills, like calling KP3R at less than $3 or advice to cool-hodl XFT. Not to mention other great calls by many past & present members. But a Telegram group has no incentives, no rewards and no safeguards. Let’s reboot everything, shall we.

Very Trendering

I am announcing the Trendering Voting token (vTRND). vTRND can be obtained in two ways: at a 1:1 ratio by locking TRND tokens, or at a 100:1 ratio by locking xTRND tokens. The minimum locking period will probably be 3 months, after which you can convert vTRND back to TRND, but lose the vTRND benefits:

  • vTRND is used to submit proposals and cast votes in the Trendering DAO that works like a boardroom driving the vision for TRND
  • vTRND can also be used to access TRND.club telegram as yet another option, along the existing TRND and TRND-ETH/TRND-DAI LP tokens
  • vTRND is used to access a new 3T dapp
  • vTRND hodling is one of the ways to earn 3T tokens

The time locking is essential to prevent short term spammers and shillers spoiling the fun I am preparing.

Free Tea

I am announcing the Trendering Trust token (3T). It is a 3T token and a 3T dapp all in one. It is valueless. It is free. It can be granted, it can be earned, it can be slashed.

This is how it works:

  • 3T is used in a new dapp only accessible using the vTRND tokens
  • The dapp allows its users (publishers) to publish token shills: each post requires the address of the token, the address of a specific DEX pool, the direction of the price (up/down, meaning you could predict a pump or an incoming dump) and the timeframe of the prediction (1d, 3d, 7d, 30d, 90d, 180d, 1y)
  • The dapp allows its users (readers) to evaluate each shill: cast prediction of an uptrend, downtrend, and uptrend multipliers (token makes either 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 1000x) in the timeframe set by the publisher
  • Each prediction by the publisher, if correct, grants 3T tokens: most likely the amount of days of the prediction timeframe, so between 1 and 365 tokens, multiplied by the actual token price performance in said timeframe. Incorrect predictions have their 3T balance slashed: simply incorrect prediction means a slash calculated like winnings but with negative price performance; if pool is rugged then additional 10% slash penalty, if token is a scam (unsellable, 99% tax etc.) then additional 50% slash penalty
  • Each prediction by the reader, if correct, grants 3T tokens as well: same as publisher but can be multiplied even more by using uptrend multipliers. Incorrect predictions slash 3T balance same as publishers but without any additional penalties
  • Price changes are monitored based on the pool structure, not dollar value: if the publisher submits a token shill and a pool paired with ETH, the shilled token has to outperform ETH to consider its price as going up
  • Predictions are not limited to new tokens. In fact, it is encouraged to predict existing tokens’ movements
  • No more stupid data analysis: it does not work, it does not help
  • 3T will work on the Mainnet and probably some other EVM-compatible alt chains

Christ, did we just implement social scoring, chinese-style? Only if 3T is used to oppress you! And it is not. It is a way to make sense of the market and incentivise mutually beneficial behavior: it is easier to make money together just as it is easier to lose money alone.

Some 3T will be airdropped to existing members of Trendering Private and may be granted in different ways in the future based on, well… trust.

Big amounts of 3T can be earned through the new dapp, other amounts can be earned by supporting the Trendering protocol like hodling vTRND, protocol NFTs, providing Uniswap liquidity, etc.

Along the way we will also have NFT drops and auctions. You can see that 3T may be a good way to leaderboard users, so there may be rewards for the top leaders. I am also inclined to differentiate genesis 3T (earned on the og address) from traded or transferred, but only if it helps 3T use-case and value perception. Feedback welcome.


Atrocious Investment Maker

xTRND is still used to limit the scale of AIM funding. I am still working on AIM, and making it more focused and less degenerate. The focus in on leveraged trading of ETH shorts and longs. I am investigating a way to predict very short term market movements. So far so good. Thanks to atosm for the gas donation!

Macro Update

World is going to shit. Find a nice place away from it all before shit hits the fan. The three hotspots to avoid are: Southeast China Sea (and China-Taiwan axis), Suwalki Gap (and Belarus-Kalingrad axis), Hormuz Strait (and Israel-Iran axis). Position yourself in good distance within strong, stable democracies (or banana republics if you are a degen).

Global war is already ongoing, but on the escalation ladder we have not yet reached the levels of international violence. Hopefully we will not. But it seems to be better safe than sorry.

Governments will continue to put pressure on decentralised non-custodian crypto infrastructure. Keep that in mind and plan accordingly. Don’t get locked out.

For more geo macro, read that other post today.

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