xTRND cap & DAI LGE: Dev Update.07

In short, many things are happening simultaneously:

  1. All the remaining xTRND that you farmed are airdropped to your addresses. I would like to thank all the liquidity providers for their continuing support of the Trendering protocol.
  2. xTRND farming is over. xTRND minting is finished and the total, final supply is set at 1,300,000 tokens.
  3. I am opening two new Uniswap pools: DAI-TRND and DAI-xTRND.
  4. I am announcing an incentivised liquidity generation event for these two new pools. From my stash, I am settings aside 4,000 TRND [about $26,000 atm and $120k ath ;)] at 2,000 per pool. Using the Staking Leaderboard system I will publicly monitor these two pools for four weeks. By counting how much liquidity you put in and for how many seconds, at the end of the four week period I will award each pool with 2,000 TRND, proportionally to the LGE participants in that pool. As I mentioned in the chats, I hate holding capital hostage, so this is a free and open LGE with no strings attached. This is no core.
  5. I am posting another article about AIM in a moment.
  6. I am fixing the bugs in the Dapp (it has been a shit show lately, sorry) and working towards the new features, implementing the xTRND utility token within the Dapp and getting ready to the release of Trendering DAO. In that order of priority.
  7. Reminder: if you hold that $14 of liquidity in the TRND-xTRND Uniswap pool, please remove it. Let’s just kill that pool.

Expect more.

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